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Retirement Plan Administrator

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The Administration Team consists of team members who support all aspects of Plan Administration including participant support and sponsor interaction. Team members provide a high level of communication in the administration of retirement plans and meeting regulatory requirements. Team members communicate with plan sponsors, plan participants and referral partners to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction through oversight and coordination of referral relationships and new clients. A consistent expectation to improve processes, workflow improvement initiatives, and program/policy changes are driven by the Administration team.

Responsibilities In Your Role

•  Assist with all aspects of administration in a balance forward and daily valuation environment.

•  Responsibilities include valuations, compliance/discrimination testing.

     •  Collect and process census information.

     •  Determine eligibility, vesting, and calculate contributions/allocations.

     •  Prepare match and/or profit sharing calculations based on client goals and needs.

•  Prepare and review coverage and non-discrimination tests, including controlled and affiliate service group considerations.

•  Calculate ADP/ACP refunds, recommend appropriate correction method and work with team members to distributed timely.

•  Review plan documents, understand retirement plan provisions and accurately apply to client and participant circumstances, including distributions, loans and vesting.

•  Recommend and discuss plan design changes with client services manager.

•  Collect and track necessary information for completion of valuation reports, including working with multiple types of investment providers.

•  Complete and review contribution calculations (age weighted, integrated, cross tested, etc.).

•  Reconcile trust assets to participant accounts.

•  Preparation of 5500 Forms, related schedules and other IRS Forms.

•  Determine RMD eligible, calculate and communicate distributions to be taken or waived.

•  Work and communicate with Sponsors and Participants in processing requests.

•  Prepare annual participant statements.

•  Understanding of Plan Errors and working knowledge of correction methods.

•  Identifying/Working with large plan audits, coordinating with service providers, collecting, assembling and analyzing data.

•  Support clients with IRS Audits and DOL investigations.

•  Calculate late deposit requirements.

•  Review and determine 8955A requirements.

•  Monitor workflow for calendar and off calendar plans.

•  Support Plan conversions and deconversion.


• Minimum of 4 years retirement plan industry experience

• Bachelor’s Degree (is there a preferred degree we can screen for?)

• Proficiency/Knowledge with SRT and Ft Williams software and/or similar systems is preferred

• Proficiency in Excel, Word, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat, and browsing network directories

• Superb communication skills

•Commitment to superior customer service

• Excellent attention to detail and accuracy

• Proficient with numbers and basic calculations

• Solutions oriented and ability to handle changing and competing responsibilities are necessary skills whenworking in an emerging business, like Leading Retirement Solutions

• Works well with team members in a remote work environment

•Track record of completing performance targets